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Hi everyone and welcome to IT eGuru! I'm excited to be part of the IT eGuru!, which I hope will be a wonderful way for all of us to share our ideas related to IT, and hopefully can shape, the IT world around us. In November 2012 I was feeling to start a web site as my first step towards my hobby. That was the year when I launched my first website to share my knowledge and experience. My aim is to spread IT related information through one place, and here it is!

I am very much interested to connect with you to share information. I hope this site can spur our discussion on IT and I will be a part of this with all of you.

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- Kiran Patil

I always give my best to share best knowledge to spread literacy in IT field with all possibilities. IT eGuru.rar

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Convert Your Files To A Different Format Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read This Complete Guide

 Free Softwares  Posted on August 28, 2015

Now you can find so many formats for documents, images, audios and videos. But sometimes you get a file in such a format, that no program on your computer supports it. What you will do if you trap in this situation? Then you have two choice, either you install the supported software


How To Make More By Sending Sms From Desktop By Doing Less Efforts

 Mobile Tips  Posted on September  04, 2015

Is SMS Text still important? The answer is yes …. Smartphones have not only changed the way people live, but also the way they communicate. No doubt that this is the generation of Whatsapp  and everyone shares their feeling on it. After all, your smartphone comes with three social networks


Eliminate Your Fear While Using Internet on Mobile By These Data Reducing Tips

 Mobile Tips  Posted on September  06, 2015

People are now more engaging with their Smartphone through social networking sites, streaming music and videos and online games, shopping and learning. Without Internet connectivity, your Smartphone is of no use. If you have a limited mobile data plan, then many users lost their data connectivity


Secure Your Online Browsing With These Powerful browser extensions

 Internet Tips  Posted on September 10, 2015

Add-ons which are also known as ActiveX controls, browser extensions, browser helper objects, or toolbars, can improve your browsing experience on a website by adding additional features web pages can use. Browser extension can help you to work faster, get smarter, and maybe even save time.


Do You Know About CCTV Cameras And Their Functionalities? Learn More From This Simple Guide

 Security Tips  Posted on September 17, 2015

It is essential to take security seriously in this modern age. It is not just businesses and commercial properties that need good security but it is our homes too. With crime increasing and burglaries very common place, it is very important to consider the available security options


5 Best Free Alternative To Windows File Explorer For Advance File Management

 Free Software  Posted on September 19, 2015

A file manager or file browser is a computer program that provides a user interface to manage files and folders. But Windows Explorer is not a perfect tool for advanced file management, because it lacks several functions such as bookmarks, history, multiple panes, Tabbed interface, Tree view,

Best_Free_File_Manager_For Windows

Unbelievable Things That You Can Do With These Greatest Browser Extensions

 Internet Tips  Posted on September 22, 2015

In this post I am going to share some great Browser add-ons that will make you a smart Internet user. These Browser extensions can help you to work faster, get smarter, and maybe even save time.

Greatest Browser Extensions

You Will Never Think That To Secure USB Data Could Be So Easy! But It Is!

 Security Tips  Posted on September 28, 2015

USB drives are small, portable, and useful tools for any computer users. You can store all kinds of data and carry it along wherever you go. USB drives are perfect transporter of data between computers across location. Bf you lost or stolen your USB drive, then you never want this USB drive into the wrong hands.

Granite Portable- Secure USB Data

How To Block Unwanted Websites In Just Five Minutes Without Using Any Software

 How To  Posted on September 29, 2015

In many cases, it might be best to block certain unwanted websites on your computer. But How? Here is an effective method for restricting users of all ages from seeing the content you don’t want them to access. Just add the list of website you want to block in hosts file and it will block these sites

Block Websites using hosts file in Windows

See How Easily You Can Keeps Your Kids Safe On The PC With Child Account

 Windows 10 Tips  Posted on October 10, 2016

You kids are more important for you than anything else. If you have a pc at home with Internet connection and your kids are using it, then you should be careful about their daily activity. You have to make sure for many things like they can use only apps and games that are appropriate for their age,

Child Account in Windows 10

How To Handle Windows Password Recovery Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

 How To?  Posted on October 12, 2016

In Windows there is super user, which known as administrator account. Generally you set a strong password of this administrator account. And Forgetting your password can be very frustrating, but no worries if you forgot the admin password. Here are ways to reset the Windows administrator password on Windows

Password Recovery in Windows

Don’t Be Fooled By These Myths About Computer And Save Your Time And Money

 Did You Know?  Posted on 04 November, 2015

Sure you know how to operate computer and how to deal with its related thins. But over time certain myths are built up and they are passed from user to user. Many of these myths are now so widespread that they might even seem like common sense, you should certainly stop to think twice about them.

Myths About Computer

Print Job Stuck? Clear Printer Queue With This Free Utility

 Free Tools  Posted on 07 November, 2015

There are some traditional methods to clear print jobs. But if you do not want anymore these traditional methods to fix it usually involves rebooting, restarting the print spooler, trashing junk print files, and sometimes even more, then?

Print Flush

5 Best Free Photo Editing Software For You To Improve Your Photos

 Free Tools  Posted on 13 November, 2015

In this Digital Era, nearly everyone has a high resolution camera, whether part of a Smartphone or the latest DSLR and photography is becoming popular. Modern cameras can make digital photography very easy and provides tools to lightly editing the photos to make its look better.

Best Free Photo Editing Software